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Obesity is the biggest enemy of human health and well-being. According to an estimate, Bout one third of the world population is overweight or obese. Men, women and children in developing countries are mostly affected by obesity. Obesity is not only a serious disease, but it is also a cause of many diseases.

Obese women are at higher risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. Obesity reduces physical beauty and physical agility. No matter how beautiful a woman is, if she is physically fat, the beauty of the face will fade away in front of the physical fatness.

This is why it is said that obesity is the biggest enemy of the beauty.

Causes of Obesity

Consumption of junk food increases weight. It has become a trend everywhere that people prefer fast food instead of home food. Most people eat pizza and burgers in the nighttime. Fast foods are high in calories which causes of obesity.

According to health experts, excessive consumption of red meat is also a cause of weight gain.

Some individuals also have family history of obesity

Many people do not walk after eating. They have sedentary lifestyle which make them obese.

Stress is also a cause of obesity. You might be wondering how stress can lead to weight gain. According to experts, when a person is facing mental stress or suffering from any problem, sleep disorders occur. Not getting enough sleep makes one feel hungry from time to time.

Not participating in physical activity also increase the chance of obesity.

Not having breakfast in the morning is also the one reason of obesity. In this way, not eating dinner also increase the chance of weight gain. Not eating dinner can cause mental distraction which disturbs the sleep pattern.

Risk factors associated with Obesity

When a person weight exceeds their age and body ratio, they face many diseases such as high blood pressure, Diabetes type 2, heart diseases, sleep disorders, breathing problems, increased cholesterol and mental disorders. Apart from this, lethargy has also been observed.

According to oxford university research, people who are overweight have lower immunity which make them more susceptible to corona virus.

How to stay away from Obesity?

Many health experts say that the most important and golden rule to stay away from obesity is to correct your eating habits and use a balanced diet. When choosing food, keep in mind the four main groups of food: Milk and milk products, Fruits and vegetables, grains and meat.

First of all, it is important to exercise regularly. There are many benefits of brisk walking on an empty stomach in the morning. By exercise, your body become flexible, and fat will go away.

Chicken food should be avoided.

Processed food and soft drinks should be avoided.

Honey helps a lot in losing weight. It is beneficial to take 10 grams of honey with lukewarm water daily, then gradually increase this amount.

Add mint to tea reduce obesity.

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