All you need to know about post Workout Nutrition

Post workout nutrition means what eating pattern and dietary modification you need to include in your lifestyle for better recovery. It will help to you prepare for the next day workout session. Either your purpose is muscle building, fat loss, weight loss or general fitness; by adopting these dietary patterns you will achieve your goal more accurately.

Post workout is more important if you haven’t eaten a meal before your workout. So, immediately after at least or up to two hours you want to make sure you get some protein some carbohydrate and that can either be from fruit yogurt, granola, protein shake and protein bar. If you ate before, stay for an hour to two hours before your workout, then there would be no need to eat immediately afterwards. You can just eat the next meal whether it’s your breakfast or lunch.

Nutrition after post Workout

As you all know, when you are doing workout specially strength training your body uses store glycogen as an energy and your muscle tissues breakdown. To refuel glycogen, eating an adequate amount of carbohydrate is most important. To repair muscle tissues, eating an adequate amount of protein is more important. Right combination of carbohydrate and protein in post workout is recommended.

Most of you have doubt that at how much amount we should eat carbs and protein in post workout. The simple formula to solve this problem is 3:1 means if you are eating 1 portion of protein then you should eat 3 times portion of carbs. Try not to consume fat as well as good fat in post workout because fat slows the absorption of nutrients.

How long should you wait to Workout after eating?

It depends on the size of the meal or if you have a snack. The recommendation is to wait 1 to 3 hours before workout if you’re having a small meal or snack. If you are having a larger meal you need to wait 3 to 4 hours to make sure that your larger meal is well digested.

Foods to eat before Workout

Prior to workout you need to make sure that you are loading your body with carbohydrates. The type of carbohydrate matters. Make sure to eat complex carbohydrates over simple carbohydrates. Sources of complex carbohydrates are whole grain toast and whole grain cereals.

Foods to avoid during Workout

Avoid high fatty foods. Avoid foods that are loaded with simple carbohydrate. High fat food makes you bloated and groggy for your workout.

Drinks to avoid

Consume 1 cup of water after every 15 to 20 minutes of workout. Make sure to hydrate yourself throughout the workout. Avoid sugar beverages that are high in simple carbohydrates like soda and lemonade.

Changes in eating pattern

If you are engaging in aerobic activities, then your body burns through your glycogen stores more quickly than someone engage in a weightlifting exercise. After engaging in aerobic exercises that you are having more carbohydrates. to make up those glycogen stores you did burn well. You need both carbohydrate and protein after workout. For aerobic exercises you would need more carbohydrate.

Foods to consume after Workout


one medium size egg contains 5.5 grams of protein. Try to avoid yolk in post workout. Eggs are most affordable and easily available. It contains all essential amino acids, vitamin and minerals. Try not to consume eggs in raw form.


Milk is a complete food. It is enriched in high quality protein, vitamin, minerals and potassium. The potassium in milk helps in post workout rehydration. It helps to reduce your muscle soreness.


Fish is a lean protein. It is easy to cook and easy to digest. It is enriched in omega 3 fatty acids which helps to reduce joint inflammation and helps in muscle recovery. Fish helps to reduce your muscle protein breakdown.


Eat chicken breast as it contains more protein and less fat. Chicken is good for your bone health. You can consume grilled chicken with sautéed veggies. Try to use minimum oil.

Protein powder

I’ll recommend you whey powder because it is easy to digest. The amino acids in whey powder steadily goes into your blood stream and recover your muscle fibers. Whey protein is a best source of leucine which is most important amino acid for building muscles.


Glycemic index of watermelon is very high. It immediately spikes up the insulin. Watermelon consist of L-citrulline because of which blood flow increases in the body and better nutrients get supplied. It removes waste products from your muscles which is lactic acid. It is enriched in antioxidants which cures the inflammation in your muscles.


Banana contains high quantity of Potassium and Magnesium which is very helpful in muscle recovery. It improves your muscle contraction. It is a high quality fast digestive carbohydrate.

There is no need of any supplements if you are having adequate nutrition.

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