Climate Impact On Human Health

There are two types of climate changes that can influence on human health and life.

Natural and evolutionary change

Nature has placed the ability in human body to tolerate environmental changes slowly and adapt them. An example of this is the arrival of people from Asia and Africa to Europe and America. By migrating from hot countries to cold countries, their body ability to withstand cold has gradually increased. Changes in genes have also been seen. This means that the nature wants to keep you alive till your medical age. We should understand the hidden and supportive system of nature and try to make changes in our life.

Sudden and Revolutionary change

This is an unnatural change that will destroy large civilization and societies. An example of this is given by the destruction of the civilization of Egypt due to environmental changes. The destruction of agriculture become the cause of destruction of society and human health and life. Due to sudden melting of the Greenland ice sheet, the islands of Indian ocean have started to sink. Due to increase in humidity in air, the symptoms of asthma and pneumonia become worse in Northern Europe.

Causes of Climate changes

Now, lets talk about the causes of climate changes that affect our health and everyday lifestyle.

Medical Environmental Pollution

At this time, there is a wave of sudden change in the weather all over the world. The increase in earth temperature lead to increased in storms everywhere. Floods also increased due to melting of glaciers from north pole and south pole. Nature protects the earth from ozone layer. ozone layer surrounds and earth that helps protect human life from UV rays of sun. Human beings increase environmental pollution which damage this ozone layer.

Women who are employed in plastic industry are more prone to infertility. The chemical effects of plastic make their hormone levels imbalance.

Socio – Environmental Effects

Nature has created man in a society for his physical and mental protection. A person health depend on environmental influences in which he is living through.

A child of 1 year is totally dependent on his parents. At this age, it begins to form its main character. If during this time, the child become victim of environmental pollution, then his upbringing and development are greatly affected. Home discipline and sleeping routine punctuality is necessary. At this age, child feel everything.

Child between 7 to 14 years of age is at high risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. This not only affect their physical health but also damage their internal organs. Its the responsibility of parents to take care of their child food along with environmental changes.

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