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Our immune system protect us from bacteria, viruses and other microbes to defend us against diseases. Its a complex network of cells, organs and various proteins in our body that act in a coordinate manner to defend our body from various types of pathogens. Low immunity increase the risk of catching viral infections.

During the viral season, many of our friends might get sick but some would stand all, even when everyone in their home is sick with flu.

Have you ever wondered, how some people get sick very often and some are more prone to catching cold or viral infection. Well it’s all about our body immune system.

The immune system is the first line of defense for body against microorganisms entering the body. Stronger your immune system, less would be the chance of you falling ill.

With the little changes, you can ensure that your immune system is strong enough to protect you against various type of infection.

Importance of Immune system

1.Improve your GIT health

Our GIT tract mix up large part of our immune system. Upto 70% of our immune cells live along this path. The lining ofbour intestine secrete antibodies and contain cells that recognize and destroy harmful bacteria. Since our gut receives lot of microorganisms with the food we eat. The wall of our gut provide the barrier immunity which prevent these microorganisms to even enter our body.

Apart from providing immunity our gut is house to about 1000 species of bacteria that normally live there. The gut microbiome that resides in GIT provide essential health benefits by regulating our immune system. Alterations to these microbiome community can cause immune dysregulation leading to Autoimmune disorders.

2. Avoid ultra high preserved foods

Large number of calories in processed and fast foods may lead to health problems such as increased inflammation, reduced control of infection, increased rate of cancer, increased risk of allergies and auto inflammatory diseases.

Poor dietary choices get encoded into both DNA and into our gut microbiome meaning that our food and lifestyle choices can permanently change the balance of bacteria in our body and weaken our immune system. These changes pass onto our offspring’s. So, cut down on fast food and heavily processed food and eat more natural food.

3.Take a daily Probiotic

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for digestive system. They are also called healthful bacteria because they help to keep your gut healthy. Do so by balancing the growth of pathogenic bacteria in your gut. This helps your gut maintain in a healthy community of microorganisms that boost your body immunity.

There are two types of probiotics:

Lactobacillus: (yogurt, fermented food) -help in diarrhea and lactose intolerance.

Bifidobacterium : ( some dairy products ,cheese, olives ) – relives symptoms of IBS and other bowel syndrome.

4.Check your vitamin level

Vitamins are essential to life. These organic compounds usually requited as a part of balanced diet. Vitamins are also essential for proper functioning of immune system. Immune cells are one of the most rapidly dividing cells in our body and they need large amount of vitamin to reproduce and function properly.

Vitamin D is the most important vitamin related to your immune health.

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