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Eyes are an important sensitive part of the body. So, a little carelessness towards them can cause great harm to your eyesight. Eye membrane worm is a common eye disease. It is an infection of the thin membrane of the front of the eye, which causes a lot of discomfort. This infection is common in small and older children and those using contact lenses.

Due to the effects of bacteria, yellow matter is released from the eyes, which is cleared by antibiotic drops in the eye. If the eyes start itching and watering from the eyes, then there is a possibility of a worm on the eye membrane due to allergies. This condition usually occurs during the Hay Fever season.
But it can happen in other parts of the year as well.

Tips to take care of your eyesight

To keep the eyes healthy, it is important to provide them with healthy diet and exercise opportunities.

Those who use glasses should take the glasses off for a while in the day, walk, see things from far and close and try to see distant things with an emphasis on their eyes. This makes eye exercise good.
The eyes should be relaxed with the help of the palms of the hands. The way to do this is to sit calmly.

Elbow exercise for eyesight

Place your elbows on the table, make a bowl-like shape by combining both hands, mix the fingers together, now cover both eyes with it. Keep in mind that the hands should not be missed by the eyes. Breathe calmly through the nose. Keep the eyes calmly closed and maintain this position until all the light behind the pupils disappears. By the time it’s completely dark, your eyes will feel relaxed.

Repeat this process two or three times a day, this process improves vision.
Close the eyes for a minute or two and open it and keep the eyes closed for a second on the alphabetical cord that checks the vision, then the vision will improve.
Blinking is also a light exercise to keep the eyes healthy. A small gland is found in the upper eyelid in which the fluid present keeps the loose eye moist, when the eye is blinked, the fluid clears the loose of the eye.

Eyes blinking

The sign of healthy eyes is that they often blink. The rate of blinking increases in bright light. In cold weather, if the eyelids are blinked, it keeps the eye surface warm and also protects from dryness due to external air.
It is important to blink your eyes every five seconds. Speed up this process during the study, at the time of computer use, and in sunlight.

If you lie on the bed to sleep, then relax the eyes, close your eyes and take a deep breath and try to absorb the darkness in the eyes.
Physical exercise is useful for improving vision. Eye health depends on the muscles and organs that provide blood to them. When physical health is good, the signs of fatigue in the eyes will not be visible soon.

Exercising in the open air accelerates the blood, increasing the ability of the heart to pump blood. As a result, the blood supplied to the eyes becomes transparent, which activates the eyes, helps the nerves to convey the right message quickly and accurately.Therefore, exercise should be done regularly, at least 30 minutes of walking daily can be useful for vision. It is also important to take care of their cleanliness for the health of the eyes. Cold water cleanses the eyes. Put cold water in the bowl and bathe the eyes well, make the eyes blink in water.

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