Typhoid and its symptoms

Typhoid is a dangerous disease. It is common in Developing and underdeveloped countries. Due to inadequate treatment facilities, this disease kills millions of people in poor countries. Typhoid spread due to contaminated water, food and environment.

Cause Of Typhoid

Typhoid is an acute disease caused by bacteria Salmonella typhi and salmonella para typhi. Salmonella para typhi is less severe. Mostly, it occur in adults but children could also get infected.

Transmission of Bacteria

The bacteria comes in water or food by an infected person and affect other peoples. The surrounding water becomes contaminated through the waste of patient suffering from typhoid. The water later contaminate the food as well in which it is used. Typhoid bacteria can survive in water and dirt for several weeks.

After bacteria enter the body through contaminated water and food, it invade the small intestine and enter the bloodstream from there. These bacteria live in white blood cells of the spleen, liver and bone marrow. They multiply in blood cells of these organs. From these organs, the bacteria move to intestines after which the disease is diagnosed after examining the patient feces in the laboratory.


Stool examination is very important in the early and late stages of typhoid. Blood tests are often required for the final diagnosis of the disease.

Symptoms of Typhoid

Early symptoms include fever and abdominal pain. As the disease progresses, severe diarrhea may occur with high fever. Rashes may also occur on the abdomen and chest. Other symptoms may include: headache, loss of appetite, weakness, nosebleed, blurred vision and lethargy.

Typhoid Vaccine

Two verified vaccines are available for typhoid :

  1. Oral – Ty Z1 Polysaccharide
  2. Inf – Typhoid

Vaccine protect you from typhoid for 2 years. after 2 years, you need to inject the another dose.


Typhoid can be controlled by keeping the surrounding environment clean and being careful in eating and drinking. Wash hands before serving food. Drink boiled water and use clean bottled water. Don’t eat street food that is uncovered. One should keep away typhoid by keeping environment clean.

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